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50 $ BAPTISM OF FIRE - The Witcher Book Series

Niue Island 2024 1 kg Ag 999

Catalogue number LR #4521
Denomination 50 $
Country Niue Island
Producent Mint of Gdansk
Metal Ag
Fineness (purity) 999
Weight 1 kg
Diameter 100 mm
Quality Antique Finish
Year of issue 2024
Additions Agate, High Relief
Certificate Yes
Box Yes
Mintage 100 pcs.
3 000 $ Catalog price
9.0 2 vote
0 people have this on favourite
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Oceń: wygląd, temat, nakład
The iconic Witcher series returns in the form of a kilogram coin, "Baptism of Fire" struck in pure silver 999. The coin is adorned with a unique stone – yellow agate, imitating the sun in the sky and banners. The high relief gives depth to the coin and allows collectors to immerse themselves in the Witcher world. The scenes depicted on the coin, both on the reverse and obverse sides, are dynamic and allow the viewer to delve into the adventures of Geralt of Rivia. The reverse of the coin depicts the battle scene on the Jaruga bridge when Geralt and Cahir led Queen Meve's retreating forces against the Nilfgaardians. In the middle, Geralt, the Witcher, thrusts his sword into an oncoming enemy shortly after casting the Aard spell, igniting fire and chaos in the Nilfgaardian ranks. Behind him, Cahir on a captured steed rallies the Lyrian army for battle. In the foreground, a standard-bearer from Emperor Emhyr's elite regiment grasps the imperial flag with the burning sun, fluttering above the battlefield tumult. The burning sun is the emblem of the Nilfgaardian Empire, appearing on the soldier's shield on the reverse and on the banner, dominating the entire scene as an agate ornament. The obverse of the coin depicts an adventure scene of Geralt's team crossing the Jaruga River, entering the midst of an armed conflict between Nilfgaardian forces and Queen Meve's Lyrian partisans. The Witcher and his companions, pursued by soldiers along the shore, try to keep the ferry in the middle of the current to avoid falling into the hands of the enemy. The coin was minted in a limited edition of 100 pieces – a true rarity on a global scale.

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