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The Redactor role of the Catalog of Coins is crucial to ensuring the quality of content and encouraging readers to regularly visit our website. The Redactor performs various essential functions that assist us in creating and maintaining a professional and engaging online platform dedicated to numismatics.



The main responsibilities of the Catalog of Coins Redactor include:



- Content Creation and Editing -  The Redactor is responsible for creating, editing, and publishing articles, reviews, information about new coins, and other numismatic-related content. They must ensure the accuracy and language quality of the texts (a minimum of 2 articles per month is required),


- Source Research -  The Redactor should be well-versed in numismatics and able to find credible sources of information. Collaboration with experts in numismatics to acquire unique content is encouraged,


- Content Planning and Strategy - Developing a publication schedule, setting priorities, and editorial strategy. Considering which topics are current and interesting to readers,


- Community Building -  Collaborating with readers, responding to their questions, and engaging with them on various social media platforms. Establishing relationships with numismatics enthusiasts,


- Content Updates -  Numismatics is a field that evolves, so the Redactor must regularly update content on the website, informing readers about new coins, discoveries, or market changes,


- Promotion - Assisting in the promotion of the website, sharing content on social media and other platforms, and attracting new readers,


- Consultations and Collaboration -  Collaborating with other experts and numismatists to gather opinions and additional information about coins and the history of numismatics,




If you possess editorial skills, numismatic knowledge, or are willing to acquire it, and have a passion for sharing knowledge with others, this role is for you. Join our team and help us develop our website by creating content that will inspire numismatics enthusiasts worldwide.




If you are interested in collaborating, please complete a short application form.


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