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  1. The internet portal 'Catalog of Coins' (hereinafter referred to as the Portal) is managed by Mennica Gdańska Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Gdańsk (80-232) at Matejki 20/1, KRS 996915, NIP 9571149881.
  2. Before registering on the Portal, every User must familiarize themselves with this Internet Portal Regulation (hereinafter referred to as the Regulation), Privacy Policy, as well as other mandatory provisions of the Portal, accept them, and commit to adhering to them.




  1. Administrator – Mennica Gdańska Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Gdańsk (80-232) at Matejki 20/1, KRS 996915, NIP 9571149881.
  2. User – a person who creates or has created an account on the Portal, and after registering on the Portal, is entitled to use all Portal Services
  3. Visitor – a person who accesses the Portal's website, browses the content therein, but has not created or does not have an account.
  4. Catalog – refers to an electronic catalog in which the Administrator or User places coins, bars, and banknotes featured on the Portal.
  5. User Account or Account (Regular Account) – denotes the registration of a User who creates or has created an account on the Portal.
  6. Premium Account (Gold Package) – refers to a paid account on the Portal that provides access to:
  1. unlimited number of investment portfolios;
  2. unlimited personal collection;
  3. portfolio value updates, including recorded declines and/or increases.
  1. Social Media Accounts – refers to accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, and other social networking services, where information about the Portal is provided, and content created by Users and the Portal is shared.
  2. Pricing List – refers to a document presenting the prices of paid services provided by the Portal.
  3. Payment Service – refers to the online payment service for purchasing a Premium Account.
  4. Private Messages – refer to communication through the exchange of private messages between Users via the messaging system on the Portal, accessible only to interested Users who have a Premium Account.
  5. Privacy Policy – refers to the document specifying how the Portal collects, uses, stores, and discloses personal data and other important information regarding the User or Visitor.
  6. Cookie Policy – refers to the document specifying how the Portal collects, uses, stores, and discloses personal data and other important information regarding the User or Visitor collected through cookies.
  7. Newsletter Service Terms – refers to the document specifying how the Portal provides the service of subscribing to the Newsletter.
  8. Services – encompass all services, including both free and paid services as per the Pricing List.
  9. Portal – refers to the website 'Catalog of Coins,' as well as mobile applications downloaded on smartphones or tablets.
  10. Exchange Transaction – refers to any transactions through which ownership of coins is mutually transferred between Users.




  1. Catalog of Coins" is an online collection (catalog) of all coins, bars, and banknotes available worldwide. Both the Administrator and Users have the authority to contribute to this catalog by adding coins, bars, and banknotes. Additionally, Users have the privilege to create their individual accounts, enhance their functionality through the purchase of a Premium Account (according to the applicable Pricing List), and add coins, bars, and banknotes, along with their photos and specifications. Users can group these items into their collections, browse coins, bars, and banknotes based on self-set filters.
  2. "Catalog of Coins" also serves as an internet portal containing articles from the numismatic industry.
  3. Users have the option to subscribe to the newsletter to receive current information about publications on the portal. The newsletter regulations are covered in a separate document.
  4. The portal allows Users to expand it, creating a space for building the catalog, as every User is a co-creator of the catalog.
  5. Users with Premium Accounts can communicate with each other through private messages.
  6. The portal does not facilitate transactions or exchanges between Users. This Regulation, Privacy Policy, and other rules published on the Portal apply to all Users and Visitors.
  7. Services related to purchasing a premium package, subscribing to the newsletter, are not intended for minors. In the case of minors, a parent or guardian (an adult) must register to use the Portal and supervise the use of the Portal by minors.
  8. The Portal does not enable the purchase of coins, bars, and banknotes. If such transactions occur between Users, the Portal assumes no responsibility, and such legal actions are subject to general legal provisions.
  9. The Portal does not provide investment advice. All information and content contained therein are for informational purposes only.
  10. The Portal and the Administrator are not liable for financial and/or investment decisions made by Users or Visitors based on the information in the Portal.
  11. Users can contact the Portal by sending an email to, especially if they notice an error in the Portal and/or a specific catalog entry.


§ 4


  1. Creating an account on the portal requires the user to provide their information, including a username  (nickname), email address, and password (directly or through Facebook or Google profiles) to allow the Portal to identify the User every time they use the Portal.
  2. Other Users will only see the User's username (nickname), which may differ from their full name.
  3. All data collected during the account creation process will be processed in accordance with the Portal's Privacy Policy, which is part of the agreement between the Portal and the User.
  4. The Administrator does not verify whether the person who created the account exists or owns the coins, bars, and banknotes declared in their collection. The Portal is not responsible in this regard.
  5. The User undertakes to keep their login credentials and password confidential from third parties, except for persons authorized by the User to use their login credentials. The Portal is not responsible for the consequences of providing the above information.
  6. The User undertakes to promptly update any outdated information they have posted on the Portal (especially information provided during Portal registration), as well as information about coins placed in the Catalog and their condition.
  7. The User undertakes to create only one account on the Portal and not to create multiple accounts with different, including fictitious, data.
  8. The account can be used by only one user.
  9. The Administrator may, at its discretion, change the Portal's Terms of Service to: 
  1. adjust the content of the Terms of Service to existing or incoming changes in legal regulations or regulatory requirements;
  2. adjust the content of the Terms of Service to any judgments of courts, consumer protection authorities, or other relevant authorities that affect the content of the Portal; 
  3. correct any errors (e.g., spelling errors or other types of errors that do not change the meaning of existing sentences) not detected until now;     
  4. ensure greater clarity and reliability of the Terms of Service; 
  5. reflect changes and the development of the Portal;
  6. reflect changes in  market conditions or standard industry practices.
  1. Users, in the event of any changes to the content of the Terms of Service, including the Price List, will be informed through a notification on the Portal (in the form of a private message) before the change takes effect or, in the case of more significant changes (e.g., affecting the rights or obligations of Users), via email sent to the email address provided during registration. Such a message will be sent within 14 days before the change takes effect.
  2. If a User does not agree to any of the introduced changes, they may choose to delete their account on the Portal.
  3. The content of the Terms of Service and any changes will apply immediately to Visitors.
  4. The Administrator reserves that it is not responsible for unforeseen events, such as the violation of data transmission security or the guarantee of performance in terms of data transmission volume and speed. By accepting the content of the Terms of Service, the User acknowledges that the Internet is not a secure network and that security breaches in data transmission are possible independently of the Administrator. Therefore, it is the User's responsibility to take all appropriate measures to protect their own data and/or software, especially against virus attacks and other such dangers circulating on the Internet.

§ 5


  1.  Users have the option to create their own portfolios and add their owned coins, bars, and banknotes to them.
  2. When creating a portfolio and adding a banknote, bar, or coin to it, the User must fill out a questionnaire regarding the added numismatic. 
  3. When adding a coin, bar, or banknote to your wallet, the user is required to upload a minimum of two photos of the numismatic item, clearly showing the object. The administrator emphasizes that the use of photos that violate copyright is not allowed, and assumes no responsibility for any misuse by the user of such unauthorized images.
  4. The number of wallets and their content, consisting of added coins, bars, and banknotes, depends on the type of account held by the User.
  5. Users have the ability to add coins, bars, and banknotes to the online catalog.
  6. The number of coins, bars, and banknotes added to the online catalog is unlimited.
  7. It is not allowed to add the same numismatic twice.
  8. Users can delete or edit the portfolios they created at any time, as well as delete an added coin, bar, or banknote from the catalog or edit their description. 
  9. Part of the catalog resources is approved by the Administrator, and part by selected users (coin editors), for whose actions the Administrator and the Portal are not responsible. Verification of catalog resources concerns substantive, not legal matters, and does not affect the lack of legal and/or financial liability of the Administrator and the Portal for the content provided by Users.
  10. The Administrator has the right to remove a numismatic whose publication/placement on the Portal is restricted or prohibited by applicable regulations, court decisions, provided that the Administrator is aware of such decisions.
  11. The placement of the numismatic referred to in paragraph 11 on the Portal (in the catalog or in the wallets) does not incur any legal and/or financial liability on the part of the Administrator.




  1. In the event of any suspicion of irregularities and/or any fraud committed by the User, the Portal will immediately suspend the account of that User, including the Premium account.
  2. The Portal reserves the right to suspend the User's account in the case of the User's violation of applicable law and/or this Regulation and/or when there is a probability of improper use of the Portal.
  3. If the User's account is reinstated, the User is not entitled to demand compensation or redress from the Portal for the temporary suspension of the account.


§ 7


  1. The Premium account is also referred to as the GOLD Package.
  2. The user has the right to purchase an additional service, namely, the purchase of the Gold Package. Purchasing the Gold Package service constitutes entering into an agreement with the Administrator for a specified period (according to the option chosen by the User), with no possibility of earlier termination. In the event of any resignation from the Gold Package, the User is not entitled to a refund, but has the right to access the Gold Package until the end of the agreement period (validity of the Gold Package).
  3. If the User does not renew the Gold Package, it becomes inactive, leading to the automatic transformation of the account into a Regular account, with limited resources and functionality.
  4. In the event mentioned in point 3, all previous resources, including additional portfolios and the collection added to the portfolios, will be deleted and restored only after repurchasing the Gold Package.
  5. The current price of this service is indicated each time in the current Price List.
  6. The user is obligated to make a payment to activate the Gold Package.
  7. The Portal accepts the following forms of payment:           
  1. Online payment through AUTOPAY/PayPal electronic transfer.                 
  2. Payment using a credit card (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro).
  1. The order processing time is counted from the moment of obtaining a positive payment authorization.
  2. Gold Premium accounts paid for via quick bank transfers or cards are activated automatically upon payment confirmation.
  3. In the event of activating a Gold Premium account through a traditional bank transfer, the activation process takes up to three days from the date of payment confirmation.
  4. Consumer who has entered into a distance contract or an off-premises contract has the right to withdraw from it without giving any reason within a period of 14 days.
  5. In the event of a need for a refund for a transaction made by the customer, the seller will refund the payment using the same payment method that the consumer used, unless the consumer has explicitly agreed to a different method of refund that does not entail any costs for them.


§ 8


  1. Users of PREMIUM accounts have the ability to exchange Private Messages.
  2. The exchange of Private Messages is primarily intended for user integration and the sharing of information related to numismatics, articles, and other content posted by the Administrator on the Portal, as well as discussions about owned coins, bars, banknotes, and created catalogs.
  3. When sending a Private Message, the user is obligated to ensure that they are not sending:                                                                                                 
  1. Messages or information containing advertisements.                               
  2. Spam or content spreading viruses and worms.                                       
  3. Mass mailing messages of any other kind (i.e., when the same message is sent to more than five users or when the same message is copied and sent to users who did not request it).                                                             
  4. Messages containing texts contrary to good manners, moral standards, and public order, inappropriate, offensive, defamatory, or otherwise deemed unlawful, inconsistent with this Regulation, and against the interests of Users and the Administrator.
  1. The Portal is not responsible for the content of Private Messages sent by Users.


§ 9


  1. All Users and Visitors are fully responsible, as authors, for all information they post on the Portal, including adding coins, bars, and banknotes to the Catalogs. This responsibility extends to the authenticity and condition of the items, including their legal status. In this regard,
  2. Visitors and Users are obligated to comply with all applicable regulations.
  3. Users and Visitors are particularly required to refrain from:                               


  1. Violating the rights of third parties,                            
  2. Infringing on intellectual property rights,                         
  3. Inciting offenses, crimes, discrimination, hatred, or violence based on race, ethnic origin, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, etc.,                   
  4. Transmitting false or confidential information,            
  5. Engaging in actions that may endanger minors,        
  6. Publishing personal data of other individuals or violating the right to privacy,                                   
  7. Impersonating another person.
  1. In the event that the content of information posted by the User, including forum posts, does not comply with applicable regulations or violates the provisions of § 9 and § 10 para. 1, 2, 3, or is not in accordance with this Regulation, the User accepts full and exclusive responsibility for direct and indirect damages arising from this, in relation to third parties, the Administrator, and the Portal.
  2. The Administrator and Portal do not automatically and independently verify the content and information provided by Users, and therefore, they are not liable for damages as mentioned in para. 4 unless duly informed of the existence of illegal content according to the applicable regulations, following the procedure described in § 11, and did not take immediate action to remove such content from the Portal and/or Forum.
  3. The Administrator and Portal are not responsible for the content provided by Users, including any failure by Users to comply with the instructions specified in para. 3. Users bear full responsibility for the consequences of placing numismatics and/or their photos on the Portal, especially for any potential violation of the rights of third parties, including copyright.


§ 10


  1. The Administrator may remove content and information posted by the User if duly notified in accordance with applicable laws and if such content violates the law or the provisions of this Regulation.
  2. Proper notification to the Administrator means:                                             
  1. Sending a message to the email address:         
  2. Sending a letter containing detailed information to the Administrator's address.
  1. Upon valid notification to the Administrator and confirmation of the User's violation of applicable law or this Regulation, the Administrator will immediately suspend or block the account of such User.
  2. The Administrator may prohibit, in whole or in part, the use of the Portal (by specifying limiting conditions) or prevent the User from using the Portal, especially by deleting content posted on the Portal, deleting the User's account, and preventing the User from re-registering on the Portal. This is on the condition that the Administrator sends prior official notification to those Users who:
  1. Violate or breach their obligations under this Regulation, Privacy Policy, or other Portal rules.
  2. Provide false, misleading, and/or incomplete information according to the Regulation at the time of registration on the Portal or its use.
  3. Intentionally and knowingly disclose false information on the Portal, offend others, or act improperly.
  4. Use the identity of other Users or act unlawfully.
  5. Log in from the same IP address or the same computer that has been blocked due to violations.
  6. Received at least three warnings from the Administrator.
  1. Subject to the same circumstances described above, the Administrator may, by sending official notification to a specific User, restrict, in whole or in part, the User's account. Partial blocking means that the User will not be able to add coins, bars, and banknotes to the Catalog, create new portfolios, or communicate with other Users.
  2. Total blocking means that the User's account will be blocked and/or deleted, and the ability to use the Portal from the User's computer will be blocked. The User must be aware that after total blocking, they will not have the right to re-register on the Portal.
  3. Deleting the User's account does not mean that the Administrator will delete all relevant information about the account, especially the User's personal data, to the extent that it may be stored to investigate the circumstances surrounding the Administrator's decision to delete the User's account and transfer this data to institutions and authorities responsible for law enforcement, following the Privacy Policy.
  4. Deleting and/or completely blocking the User's account does not entitle the User to demand a refund of the fee paid for the Premium account.
  5. The Administrator, after prior notification according to para. 5 above, will remove any content that is illegal.
  6. The Administrator may, at any time, reorganize the Catalog, advertising spaces, or other information about coins, bars, or banknotes, with the proviso that such changes do not alter the information provided by the User, to make the Portal more user-friendly.
  7. The Administrator may, at any time, publish short- and long-term offers related to numismatics, contests, games, or lotteries in the Portal that comply with national law to offer new services.
  8. The Administrator may designate the status "inactive" for any User who has been inactive for a sufficiently long time (e.g., 90 days or more).
  9. Before assigning the "inactive" status, the Administrator will send a notification to the User.


§ 11


  1. By using the Portal and creating an account, Users declare that: 
  1. They are individuals aged 18 years or older (otherwise, a parent(s) or legal guardian must register on their behalf), that they use the Portal for the purpose of satisfying their personal needs unrelated to any professional activity.
  2. They accept and comply with this Regulation and all other contractual documents, such as the Privacy Policy, Security Policy, and Cookie Policy, as well as other rules of the Portal.


§ 12


  1.  Privacy Policy, available at,2 describes the User's Personal Data collected by the Administrator and the purpose for which the Administrator processes it.

§ 13


  1. This Regulation is subject to Polish law. All disputes between the User and the Administrator will be settled by Polish common courts.
  2. Users may resort to alternative dispute resolution methods, such as consumer mediation, even though the Administrator is not engaged or obligated to use such methods to resolve disputes with Users.
  3. Disputes between Users arising from conducted Exchange Transactions do not qualify for consumer mediation, and Users are obliged to resolve them on their own.
  4. The User can terminate their activity on the Portal at any time with immediate effect after fulfilling all their obligations and deleting their Account on the Portal.
  5. The Administrator can terminate the relationship with the User with a 30-day prior written (including email) notice to the User, especially for the following reasons: a) Administrator's decision to cease providing services and operating the Portal, b) Administrator's decision to cease business activity, c) Administrator's decision to change the operation of the Portal in whole or in part.
  6. The Administrator can terminate the relationship with the User with immediate effect in case of the User's violation of the law or provisions of this Regulation.
  7. The Administrator owns all intellectual property rights related to the Portal, its system, graphic designs, and software used by the Portal, including trademarks and domain names.
  8. Placing information or data, especially photos, on the Portal, i.e., "Content," means that Portal Users hereby grant the Administrator, without remuneration, an exclusive license to use the Content worldwide, which will be valid for the duration of the relevant rights, if applicable (and their possible extensions). This license includes the right to use, copy, reproduce, display, and adapt the Content.
  9. The Administrator can use such Content on any known or hitherto unknown media, especially on television, paper, the Internet (as banners and articles, placing them on other websites), and on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), for commercial, advertising, and internal purposes, which the User accepts. Users are solely responsible for the Content and confirm that they have all the rights to it.
  10. All notifications and other information between the Portal and the User will be sent in the manner specified in the content of this Regulation and to the User via email at the email address provided during registration on the Portal.
  11. The Administrator informs that, subject to applicable personal data protection laws, it may transfer and/or assign any rights and obligations arising from this Regulation to any third party, especially in case of a transfer of business sector, establishment of a new company through a merger, merger through acquisition, division, or change of control affecting the Administrator.
  12. In the event of the Administrator's transfer and/or assignment of these rights and obligations arising from this Regulation to any third party, the User has the right to immediately terminate the relationship with the Administrator by closing their account on the Portal.
  13. The user has the right to lodge a complaint about the purchased service, reporting its non-compliance with the agreement, within 14 days from the date of its activation. Complaints regarding non-compliance with the agreement can be submitted via email, by phone, orally, or in writing. It is recommended, however, to contact us by email or in writing.
  14. Received complaints are processed within 14 days from their receipt.
  15. Users can report objections regarding access, use, or the operation of the Portal by sending an email to:



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