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Dear numismatists and coin history enthusiasts,


Together, we are creating something extraordinary that has the potential to become a wonderful source of knowledge and inspiration for all those interested in numismatics.


The Catalog of Coins portal is a project full of passion and dedication. However, to consistently develop and improve it, we also need your help.



Why is it worth supporting us?


- Shared Passion - Our site is born out of love for numismatics. Your support will help us continue our passion and share it with others.


- Education and Development - We create educational content that helps understand history through coins. Your support will enable us to develop these materials and reach a larger audience.


- Heritage Preservation - Numismatics is part of our cultural heritage. Together, we can help preserve and promote this field.



Every donation, regardless of its size, will be appreciated. Thanks to it, we will be able to continue our work and create even better content.


Together, we can create something special and contribute to the development of this fascinating field.


Thank you for your support and for being part of our numismatic community!




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