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09 lutego 2024






The Royal Mint and the United States Mint proudly present their latest masterpiece - Britannia and Liberty. Both coins from the Britannia and Liberty series have been renowned for many years. Now, for the first time, both mints unite these two motifs in a single project.


As part of this collaborative endeavor, both mints have enlisted the talents of the leading engravers from each mint: Joseph Menna from the United States Mint and Gordon Summers from The Royal Mint. The result of their collaboration is a captivating design that celebrates the harmony of both symbolic figures, giving equal prominence to both Britannia and Liberty.





The Royal Mint offers both bullion and collector coins in their collection. The specifications of each coin are detailed below.







The reverse of the coin depicts a combined image of Britannia and Liberty. Britannia, representing the strength of the British people, is featured on the coin wearing a Corinthian helmet and holding a trident. Below her is the profile of Liberty holding a torch, symbolizing the value of freedom. Additionally, the reverse includes coin specifications such as the name, weight, metal purity, and year of issue.






The obverse of the coin features the current British monarch, Charles III, and includes inscriptions referring to his name, title, and the nominal value of the coin.






On the other hand, the United States Mint offers its versions of Liberty and Britannia coins in Proof editions, crafted in 24-karat gold and .999 fine silver.


On the obverse of both options, there are allegorical profiles of Liberty and Britannia, featuring complementary and balanced elements.





The reverse depicts the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by two shores adorned with trees.







These coins are a remarkable expression of collaboration between two great mints and symbolize new possibilities for relations between the British and Americans.

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