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30 January 2024

EC8 - Continuation of the Series



The EC8 series from the Scottsdale Mint, launched in 2018, has seen its continuation.


Each year, it focuses on developing eight projects, with each dedicated to one of the Caribbean nations participating in the program.


Last year, Scottsdale prioritized catching up on the issuance of coins for the year 2022, resulting in a lack of coins for 2023. Nevertheless, production continues, and new projects have just debuted.



The coins are available in four variants:

- 1-ounce silver bullion coins,

- 1-ounce gold bullion coins,

- 1-ounce colorized silver collector's coins,

- 1-ounce colorized gold collector's coins.



This time, a subtle difference appears on the obverse - the image of Queen Elizabeth II has been replaced by the ECCB (East Caribbean Central Bank) logo.



The first of the new projects is dedicated to the island of Saint Lucia, featuring the national coat of arms with a shield in the center, surrounded by Jacquot parrots, adding a unique charm to it.






The second piece is a project depicting a breaching humpback whale, dedicated to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. This marks the second appearance of this majestic creature in the series for this country.






Each of the above-mentioned coins comes with a guarantee and is a legal tender in the territories of the eight countries belonging to the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank.



For more details, you can find the specifications below, containing information about the available variants for sale.







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