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27 lutego 2024




The Mint of Gdansk has unveiled another coin from the "Mankind's Mistakes" series, which emphasizes painful episodes of history.


The Inquisition coin serves as a chilling reflection on the cruelty of human actions, continuing the narrative started by previous releases.


This new coin, made of two ounces of pure silver 999, transports us to the dark times of the inquisition.


The reverse of the coin depicts brutal scenes of punishment for heresy – a man is tortured on the wheel, surrounded by blazing fire and other torture instruments such as a spiked club or a hammer. The second plane shows the burning of women for apostasy, with inquisitors – clergy responsible for inquisition actions that lasted from the 13th to the 19th century – standing nearby. Their presence on the coin underscores the role of the Catholic Church as an investigative and judicial institution, seeking, converting, and punishing heretics, following the guidelines laid out in conciliar, synodal documents, and papal bulls.


The obverse of the coin, with its lacquer seal and issuer's emblem, presents a fragment of a medieval engraving, adding depth and historical context to this remarkable numismatic piece.


Noteworthy is the use of innovative technologies. The fire depicted in the foreground was created using UV printing technology, while the club was presented using 3D printing, adding even more realism to it.


The Inquisition coin is not only a masterpiece of craftsmanship but above all, it provokes reflection on the dark sides of human history and serves as a warning against repeating the mistakes of the past.



5 $ INQUISITION - Mankind's Mistakes

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