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14 lutego 2024

Report from the World Money Fair 2024 in Berlin




The World Money Fair in Berlin, which took place this year, brought many exciting moments and fascinating presentations for numismatics enthusiasts from all over the world.






At one of the most captivating booths, Mennica Polska presented their latest collection of coins inspired by the art of Zdzisław Beksiński. The square-shaped coins beautifully capture the extraordinary works of the artist, while a machine generating personalized images based on his art sparked significant interest. However, the real highlight was the appearance of a levitating coin utilizing modern magnetic technologies.








The Austrian Mint - Münze Österreich presented their booth as a picturesque meadow with a wooden cottage and a life-sized cow. Their coin collections dazzled with aesthetics and high quality.





The Germania Mint also made an impression with its presence, dividing the booth into several segments, allowing for intimate meetings and delineating sales space. Their colored silver bars and innovative packaging drew the attention of visitors.




However, it was CIT Coin Invest AG that stood out with exceptional works of numismatic art. Their Thalassophobia coin from the Phobias series impressed with its quality craftsmanship, evocative design, and fantastic coloration. Another CIT coin that garnered interest from many is the remarkable 5-ounce silver coin dedicated to the Grand Canyon, focusing on the main theme of "Topography". The coin, in Proof quality, is equipped with Smartminting technology, allowing for Ultra High Relief that gives a sense of impressive and unparalleled excellence.




MKS PAMP followed the trends associated with cinema and presented the I Love Barbie™ coin, which garnered significant interest from collectors.






MDM surprised everyone by presenting a coin in the shape of a globe, which not only caught the eye with its extraordinary design but also sparked astonishment due to its form and colors.




At the World Money Fair 2024 in Berlin, interesting approaches to coins inspired by popular brands could also be noticed. One example was the coins featuring the brands Lacoste and Pierre Hermé, which caught the attention of visitors. These unique numismatics were not only a tribute to well-known brands but also served as an intriguing element for collectors interested in fashion and design. Their carefully crafted details and high-quality execution undoubtedly attracted the attention of both collectors and individuals interested in unique numismatic specimens.




Reflecting on this year's fair, one cannot forget the Cyborg Revolution series presented by Power Coin. Their innovative approach to numismatics delighted many attendees of the fair. The coins from this series, featuring futuristic cyborg-themed motifs, not only caught the eye with their unique designs but were also showcased in innovative packaging that added an extra dimension to them. This series undoubtedly became one of the hottest topics of discussion at the World Money Fair 2024 in Berlin and attracted the attention of many collectors and investors interested in a modern approach to numismatics.




The World Money Fair 2024 in Berlin not only facilitated the exchange of experiences within the international numismatic community but also provided unforgettable impressions related to the presentation of the latest collections and technologies in the field of numismatics.






We also encourage you to watch the coverage of the WORLD MONEY FAIR 2024 trade fair in Berlin on the Silver Star Investments Through a Female Lens YouTube channel.


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