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22 lutego 2024




The Polish Mint, renowned for its constant pursuit of innovation, has long been surprising the world with its creative ideas. Their portfolio is filled with numismatic gems, such as the world's first spatial coin or cylindrical coin.



However, the latest project, which has just been unveiled at the Berlin Technical Forum, held as part of the prestigious industry event World Money Fair 2024, surpasses all expectations.



The UFO MP-1766 is an unconventional coin, crafted from seven ounces of silver, which surprises not only with its appearance but also with its functionality. Despite being just a prototype, there are plans to introduce it into circulation as early as this spring.



Thanks to the application of incredible technology, the coin is capable of levitating and spinning in the air. This is achieved through the utilization of an electromagnetic field, which creates a special magnetic tunnel between the engine hidden inside the coin and the base.


Additionally, the coin has been finished in a manner that gives it an antique appearance while also enabling it to glow in the dark through the use of fluorescent paint.


The UFO MP-1766 is not just a technological feat but also a true work of minting art. Its high-quality reliefs and selective copper plating give it a unique character appreciated by both collectors and enthusiasts of modern technology.



The coin will be available in a limited edition - just 510 pieces.


Each of them will be delivered in an exclusive, dedicated packaging along with a certificate of authenticity, making this coin not only a unique work of art but also a collectible item of exceptional rarity.



1766 FCFA UFO MP-1766

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